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Middlesex Christian Union Recordings

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KP Yohannan

Do we really believe what we say we believe

Christ Evangelical Ministries

True Worship – Bro William

True Worship – Bro William


Spiritual Songs

Blessed Is The Man Who Trust You –


Teach Me Your Way


Worship the Lord (this was a spiritual song given to us during our service on 12-12-2010)

I put this up as I believe God brought the song to us in these last days a call for His people to look up to heaven and worship Him. Letting go of our lives and truly living for Him. I believe God is inviting us to constantly live in His presence daily, through worshipping Him alone. I pray it blesses someone!

Worship The Lord (Worship Session 12-12-2010)


I Need You (Drums V1)


Nothing Can Seperate Us (Drums V2)



Stockwell Bible Study Recordings

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Skype Fellowships

Grace (Skype fellowship Full Version)



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