Idolatry and the Idol of Music – Part 1 (A must for Singers and Instrumentalists)

 Hey Guys, I wrote a note regarding Idolatry linked with the area of music and I thought I’d turn it into a note. Might aswell make use of these facebook functions. Please understand that this note was not written with the intention of beating people down or making anyone look bad. But I am believing God that others may be set free just as the Lord set me free from this issue in 2008(I hope to share my testimony more often). I write this note full of joy, knowing that some people will be blessed by it. I also know that not everybody will agree and some will completely disregard and argue with its validity. I am however not concerned about how many ‘I Like’s I recieve, or how many, ‘God Bless you bro’ comments. But I am concerned with the fruit. Jesus said, ‘they who are of God, hear my words’ (John 8.47). So I know God will be glorified even if the word of God become a reproach to me. Please read this note with an open heart and may God speak, comfort and deliver!

Please note, if you are tagged, it is because I know you or know of you to be an instrumentalist after the heart of God (I say this with all sincerity). Ok here we go….


It is evident that many muscians and instramentalists love music much more than God! Mic in the hand, worshipping but not the God who created the heavens. Playing instruments, but not for the approval/attention of God! Do you not know that whoever you yield the members of your body, you are a SLAVE to whom you obey leading to DEATH?(Rom 6.16) Lord let TRUE worship spring forth! Amen (30/10/10)


Idolatry is now an issue of the heart! Before men would put elements such as stone and wood and bow down and worship them. Now, believers and non-believers do the same in the heart. Worshipping creation rather than the creator. Giving affection and their life to the tool/work rather than the God who saved them.

This isn’t to beat down, but to speak of the truth of what is happening. Nadab and Ahibu offered up profrane fire before the Lord just once, and they were consumed by fire….But now because of grace, we feel free as singers and musicians to offer up a strange fire and incense before the Lord so reguarly and feel okay…because of His grace….

Please let us understand that the grace of God is for you to walk in holiness not to live in sin (Pride of life/Lust of the eyes/Lust of the flesh). Jesus saved us so that we would no longer live for ourselves, like the devil, but that we would live as people saved giving glory to God.

Whenever a believer uses the members of their bodies, ie their Mouth(voice), Hands(skill) to attract attention to themselves in any form, this is usually classed under the pride of life (1 John 2.15). The devil formerly known as Lucifer, was in a position where he used to give God glory just as we are now. But at one point he was not happy/satisfied with all the attention going toward God. But he desired it for himself…Im sure we all know the rest of the story…he wanted to overthrow God so that he could be worshipped. This lead to his eternal damnation, seperated from God FOREVER! In these last days as children of God we must understand that the reason he did this is because sin was in his heart. his heart lifted up, he put himself in a position where people would look upto him and he would recieve attention because of what he could do. This is a trap that the devil has many believers in and possibly you reading now! The pride of life is something we overcome through the knowledge of Jesus, but the devil tries soo hard to blind people with self self self to keep believers bound in darkness!


When you minister, do you tend to find SELFSIH AMBITION always creeping in? IF GOD SAID TO YOU TO DROP YOUR INSTRUMENT FOR HIM..COULD YOU?, AFTERALL IT IS THE CREATED TOOL AND PROVIDED TO EXPRESS LOVE UNTO GOD? Could you drop your dreams and ambitions for fame (if you have any)? Do you feel happy when people mention your name in testimonials or acknowledgements? Do you get a feeling of resentment when your name is NOT mentioned? When you are ministering, do you tend to find you are not worshipping all the time (we are required to)? Do you find when you are practising, you learn chords, scales with the thought that one day when you play, others will hear and think woow, he’s deep? Do you spend as much time as you minister before men as you do before God? Do you who sing, listen to other gospel artist and youtubers, to sound good before God or before men? Do you know what it feels like to truly worship God consistenly on your own…or do you need a crowd to get to that place in God? Do you love the ministry of music more than God? Do you dream to one day be in a big group or to be known like Kirk Franklin, because God TRULY created for that purpose or because of hidden crave for attention/appreciation? Do you live for the praises of man, or the acceptance from God? Or do you truly just love status and the feeling of being popular/well known/accepted/loved by men/praised/ The heart is DECIETFULLY wicked and who can know it (Jer 17.10)! To live for the praises of men, is a heart that departs from God!

For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ. (Gal 1.10)

How can you believe, who receive honor from one another, and do not seek the honor that comes from the only God? (John 5.44)

If you stumble at one or some of these (which most people would) then this note is for you and even if God has delivered you, it’s still for you as the word of the Lord is fresh to those who seek to know Him more! This examination was partly for those who feel they may be exempt. It’s either your delivered or in need of full deliverance! I believe that the deliverance starts as soon as one comes to know about these things, then call on the Lord and repent! (Rom 10.9)

As something I have been through and struggled with and seen God’s merciful delivering hand, it is something God has made me more aware of, not to make people feel bad, but to encourage people to come out of and be delivered from. Selfsih ambition if not dealt with and left, is the same as anything else, ie the demon of lust/pride etc. Do not let the devil rule over you, you are Christ’s own, bought with a price and seated with Him in heaven. Therefore lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares (Heb 12.1). Keep praying for His grace from the Lord to over come. Acknowledge the sin before God, do not justify and back up with worldy phrases such as…’musical expression’, ‘lets not be too spiritual’. I understand that this is a very technical topic, and there will be questions. For those who genuinely want more understand on these contraversial/debatable terms PM me and i’ll try and explain. 

Be the believer that desires to obey God when He speaks, rather than justifying ones actions. Abraham may not have fully understood what God meant when the Lord asked him to offer up his son. But beacuse of ‘Godly fear’ He obeyed. Do not be of those who disobey God’s voice, because you feel you don’t have enough information. Obey based on what God has spoken through His word and seek God more on the matter. Understand that ‘GOD CAN ONLY DELIVER YOU WHEN YOU CONFESS YOUR SIN BEFORE HIM, BUT IF YOU DENY YOUR SIN THEN YOU’LL REMAIN BOUND’. 

The moment we ignore God willingly, our hearts become hardened. And as much as we claim to love God, the truth is, our love decreases. And as much as He loves us, He gives people over to their love/desires, if they choose to ignore Him. Rom 1.25-26, Isaiah 66.4, Psalms 78, 2 Thess 2.10 (I have a libary collection of scriptures on this topic if needed :-)). Spiritual blindness happens when one lets go of the truth that God has showed them in Christ Jesus. Imeediately a persons eyes go dim and dark jus as one would without light (also known as DECEPTION..PLS READ BELOW)


The devil is a deciever, that is his main game! This topic is SOOO broad so I won’t go too deep, as this note may be lengthy already. From what I have learnt, somebody who believes that they cannot be decieved are ALREADY DECIEVED. Why? Because the more the light of Christ dwells in you, the more traps/deception God opens your eyes to see (please study the life of Jesus and see how He avoided every trap the devil set for Him). But if you think you are not able to be decieved, you are decieved because you already show you have not relied on God to stand. But you stand by yourself claiming that you know it all and there is no possibility you are wrong in your knowledge/understanding of God and His thoughts towards you. And take heed lest you fall. The more mature a believer becomes, the more they realise they are not exempt from fallingl, but God upholds them, therefore they become wise by taking more heed to God’s word in fear and trembling.

Deception is where A believer loses the knowledge of God through willingly giving in to lies of the devil. In the wilderness the devil took Jesus up to different places showing him the glories of the world(just as he does many believing musicians ie in dreams, presenting opportunities) and began to show Him the glories of the world and offers this to Jesus at a price. That price was forsaking the knowledge He had of God for the lie of the devil. But Jesus overcame by speaking the word of God. Many believers fall at this point, they struggle to hold on to the truth and because of lack of understanding, follow after the things of the world without fully knowing. God being righteous and just, continues to warn and speak, but after a while, He gives people over to their own desire, YES EVEN CHRISTIANS who do not repent! (again this is soo broad..Ps 78.29, Eph 4.17-19, 1 Kings 22, Ez 11.21, 1 Tim 3.2-7, Prov 1.29-31, Deut 13.1-3, Is 44.18-20,is 66.4, Romans 1.24-26, Ez 14.2-3, Rom 11.32, Ps 81.12, Rev 20.7-10).

These scriptures speak of the consistency of God giving people over to their desire whether it be God’s people Israel or us God’s people that were grafted in. Please also read the word Jesus speaks to the churchs in Revelations (Chp 2-3) understanding that these were given to God’s people, the people who were supposed to be walking according to God’s ways. May God give us all more understanding in these things as we read over the scriptures.

If we repent genuinely and sincerely, God will never let us go far, but will draw us back. True repentance is seen by a lifestyle. We must drop our theology and let God be our teacher, He will lead us into all truth. Everything He may desire us to let go of, is for our good, that we may taste again of Jesus Christ, who He is, His love that the world cannot see. Jesus said, if your left hand causes you to sin cut it off…(Matthew 5.29-30).With repentance, its not only a matter of praying and fasting, once you pray, God will release grace to also DO the things that are pleasing before Him. This usually includes letting go of the idol itself (God will lead)! Yup! He gave the gift of Isaac to Abraham, but to know if Abraham TRULY loved God, the Lord asked Abraham to kill Isaac. Yet behold, Abraham was able to make the decision to kill Isaac because He loved God without putting Isaac, the gift, before the God the giftgiver! Will you? (Help is available)

Please understand again, I write this in hope that as God opened my eyes He will open many others. Please share this with others you believe it will be a blessing to. In 2008, the Lord called me to take the very thing I loved (Keyboard) and forsake it for Him! After I made this decision in my heart in a fellowship meeting, a great tangible heaviness left my heart, and the peace and joy of God was more present than I had ever experienced. My life in God took a complete 360 turn. In every area, the way I heard the Lord changed, the things I saw changed, my prayer life, my encounters with the Lord, my heart changed, my understanding of the word, the way the Lord would use me changed (I could go on..but I think you get the point…LOL), EVERYTHING! I have not written this note to lord myself over people, ie to look big or better! But similarly as Paul ministered with more zeal to provoke Israelite towards the Lord, I write this to provoke you to go deeper in your walk with the Only True Living God. He is real…the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as alive and wants YOU and I to go deeper to that next leve in Him. Its not just about sundays, but about experiecing God similarly and even greater than the people of old. Walking in Him and experiencing His love undescribably, daily, not in an emotional service way, but in a ‘all the time’ way! I wish I could share this testimony with everybody since but the Lord had me wait for a while. I still hope to go in more detail as time goes on. I have not spoken much about music itself, but I hope to aswell as time goes on. Please, go back and seek the Lord first over the things you have read. Test every spirit as the bible says in 1 John 4.1 and also let us not despise the word of God!

I have decided not to mention dreams/visions on this as the word of the Lord is sufficent and His words are life! But the Lord has shown me visions/dreams on this topic to emphasis how ‘SERIOUS’ the topic is. We have no sure word of prophesy, than God speaking from heaven through and to His people! But I hope to share some in more notes and statuses on this topic. I do not claim to attained, I am not better than anyone else, everything I know, or I think I know (lol) has all come from the revelation of Jesus. So its never about me or you but all about Him…aargghh….JESUS!

Please know that I am here to encourage, if anyone has questions or wants help or advice in this area, please feel free to contact me. I know what it means to struggle in this area, I would often spend hours and hours infront of my instrument, and hours listening to gospel music with the wrong motives. Because of it, my deep desire for God was not being met, I always could tell, something was missing, but I could not put my finger on it until the Lord in His kindness opened my eyes to see clearly! This issue (Idolatry and the Idol of Music) if not dealt with/addressed or brought to the Lord, will destroy believers But God will help us all in Jesus name! Amen

The Lord will help us, the Lord will deliver us, the Lord will save us, for He is our God and our victory! AMEN

I really love you guys, God bless you 🙂

Timi 🙂



One Response to Idolatry and the Idol of Music – Part 1 (A must for Singers and Instrumentalists)

  1. I can relate, when I was training to dance and act I had to recognise these things, many of us really need to take this on board, two songs that encourage me on this topic would be Trip Lee – Show over and Lecrae – Background, we really need to put Christ first, realising that all we do that is good is a gift from God and we must feel blessed that he would use us and that he should get all of the glory and not us, I used to want to be this famous dancer or actress growing up and now Gods given me the gift of being able to teach through my gifts to the less fortunate and those who need something other than negativity to focus their lives on, so keep posting, sometimes the truth hurts, so we can be rebuilt to be stronger and wiser, for the word says God corrects those he loves, so for some this may be a correction or a reminder, thank God for this message written through you.

    Amen 😀

    Nicoleee aka Kenzoeeee! 😀

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